Best 144hz Monitor: Super Buyer’s Guide,Tips,Lists,Reviews(2019 Updated)

BEST 144HZ MONITORIs this a beautiful time you’re on the lookout to change your monitor? You most likely are hunting for a tiny advice. Don’t Worry, We’ve Collected 20+ 144hz monitors on the market To Find out The Best 144hz monitor of 2019

In this guide, I’ve put together a full guide on everything to do with 144hz monitors, from our top picks to answering some of your FAQs and also recommending some buying tips.we are going to show you the best 144hz monitors that you can buy, including 144hz gaming monitors, 1440p 144hz monitors, top 4k 144hz monitors, best ultrawide 144hz monitors and more.

144hz monitors: do you really need one?

So, I can already hear you asking, do I really need a 144hz monitor? Well, we will come to that pretty quickly, but as they are slowly becoming more and more common in the gaming world, I thought it was worth going into a bit more detail about them.

We all know the refresh rate or hertz (hz) as we shorten it to, is the number of times the monitor display refreshes so it can show a brand-new image, so 144hz is one of the fastest rates out there, with the display refreshing a staggering 144 times per second, which is pretty fast! But just because it is quicker doesn’t always mean you need it. Let’s have a think about some of the benefits of 144hz:

  • higher refresh rate means reduced delay between each frame and less input lag
  • A higher refresh rate should mean smoother game play
  • 144hz can handle up to 120 frames per second, so you shouldn’t see much screen tea

If you are upgrading from 60hz then you will see a huge difference at 144hz. Basically, you need a 144hz gaming monitor if you are serious about gaming at seeing the best images as possible.Hopefully, I’ll include everything you need to know about 144hz gaming monitors, so let’s get straight into it, how much do you really need one?

Best 144hz Gaming Monitor for 2019

I don’t think I have to convince you into spending some time thinking about what gaming monitor you are going to buy. We all know that the monitor is arguably the most important part of a gaming rig. If you don’t have the right way to see the images, then it really doesn’t matter what is going on with your graphics card as you won’t be able to see its power! After a lot of research and game-testing, I’ve put together our list of the very best 144hz gaming monitors. We’ve really focused in on 144hz and what it can do, to make sure we bring you the very best.

Our Top 10 Picks: Choose Your Best 144hz Monitor with our In-depth Reviews

We’ve spent a lot of time researching different 144hz monitors, looking at the specification in really depth and trying them all out. After hours of reviewing, I’ve put together our top 10 picks. Although gaming and testing monitors may seem like the best job in the world (admittedly it is quite great), with so many 144hz gaming monitors out there these days, this was no easy task.

Part#1 Best Selling 144hz Monitor-The Editor’s Choice

The Key Points Uncovered: Why It is a top Pick and the Editor’s Choice

So how did the ASUS VG248QE 144Hz get to be our top pick and the Editor’s choice? Well it is a super compact unit and a brilliant gaming monitor, with a screen that can handle a whole host of tasks. It has a very impressive list of specifications, on top of the fact it is a 144hz, and you will 100% see the difference with this model if you are upgrading from a lower resolution monitor. At only 12 pounds, this is a lightweight monitor, that still comes jam-packed full of features. In our opinion, it is one of the best 144hz gaming monitors!

Our No.1 The ASUS VG248QE 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Coming in at 24” there is no doubt that the ASUS VG248QE 144Hz is a smaller monitor that has a surprising amount of great selling points. It has full HD, 1080p resolution, with that all-important 144hz refresh rate, giving you one of the crispest gaming experiences you will have ever seen.

About this 144hz Monitor

This ASUS VG248QE has the all-important 144hz refresh rate, as well as the ability to be hooked up to a load of different devices, as it has a DisplayPort, DVI-D and HDMI connections. It is solidly built and offers tons of great value for its price. Sometimes it seems monitors can be a bit flimsy when they come out of the box, but this monitor is 100% a solid product. What is really great, is that it is super easy to put together and set up, which is often one of the more annoying and mundane tasks when buying a new monitor. But because it is light and 24,” it is also quite compact and great if you are looking to save some space in your office or bedroom. The real winner with this monitor is just how great the 144hz refresh rate is. The images are nothing than stunning, making it perfect for fast-paced gaming.

As this is out no.1 top pick and editor’s choice, you won’t be surprised to see a long pro list and a relatively short cons list for the ASUS VG248QE.

The Good: Please Like

  • The 144hz refresh rate is nothing but awesome.
  • This is a very solidly built monitor that is really quick and easy to assemble.
  • Unlike other monitors this is quite compact, meaning it can fit easily into most gaming spaces.
  • It is incredibly good value at the price you can buy it.

The Bad: Please Note

  • The speakers are quite poor quality, but this is very common for built-in speakers. They are find for basic sounds, but if you want more from the sound then invest in some better speakers and plug them in.
  • The colours aren’t brilliant out of the box, but this can be fixed by downloading a preset.

Bottom Line:We really love this monitor. It gives you a clear picture, because of the 144hz refresh rate, making it a superb monitor for gamers. When using this ASUS VG248QE you will know you’ve got a reliable piece of kit that is going to keep on giving you the great quality picture you need to win at gaming..

Part #2 The Top 3 Best 144HZ Monitors for Gaming

The Key Points Uncovered: Your Budget

We all know that if you spend more money on a 144hz gaming monitor then the better it will be. The same rule applies to most bits of your gaming kit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get something good for your budget. You just need to know what you can get and what features you most want. At around $200 you will probably just about find a few 144hz monitors at this level. If you want a 1440p display, you’ll need to add on a few more bucks though. At $400 you can buy a good 144hz gaming monitor with FreeSync included, and at about $600 you can really get an excellent monitor. You should be able to find a 27” 1440p res solution monitor that is also ultra-wide. If you’ve got loads to spend up at the dizzy heights of $1000, then you could even push into 4k 144hz with G-Sync HDR.

No.1 Acer GN246HL: Budget 144hz Monitor Under $200

About this 144hz Monitor

This is one of the absolute best budget 144hz monitors on the market! The fact you can even find a 144hz gaming monitor for under $200 is amazing. It has a huge array of gaming input ports, including a HDMI, DVI and VGA, which makes it really compatible and flexible. The widescreen display really makes you feel like you are getting a big screen experience, even though it is only a slim 24”. On top of the spec, the stand has a handy X-shape which makes it easy to set up, adaptable and able to hold its own weight. When you game with this monitor you can see every single detail. There are no distortions to the image and it has a sharp edge to all of the moving images. If you want to take this gaming monitor to the next level you can, as it is ready for Nvidia 3D vision and lightboost.

The Good: Please Like

  • You won’t find a 144hz gaming monitor at this price anywhere else. It is amazing value for money.
  • It will support Nvidia 32 lightboost and vision.
  • This model has awesome viewing angles of around 170 degrees, so you can really see all of the images from nearly every angle.
  • With 1080p resolution all of the images are really detailed.

The Bad: Please Note

  • There aren’t any in-built speakers on this gaming monitor, but when they are built in, they are normally low-quality, so that isn’t a huge problem.
  • There is no DisplayPort with this gaming monitor.

Bottom Line:This model enables you to have a 3D gaming experience on a slimline 24” monitor. There are a couple of issues, but they aren’t huge problems. This gaming monitor is overwhelmingly good value, and has an excellent number of features for its price. Really one of our favourite 144hz gaming monitors on the market.

No.2:  Asus VG278Q A Mid-end 144HZ Monitor Under $500

About this 144hz Monitor

This 27” gaming monitor from Asus has the 144hz refresh rate we are looking for, as well as a 1ms response time. It also comes with Asus’ very own game fast input technology and adaptive sync from AMD. The gaming experience is fully responsive, and the adaptive sync included makes sure there is no screen tear at all. The 1ms response time makes sure you don’t see any motion blur, and with the 144hz quick moving cars aren’t a problem for this monitor to handle. The gaming is smooth with this Asus. It comes with all the ports you need including HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI. It also really well designed, with its ergonomic stand that you can adjust easily by swiveling and pivoting it to suit you. You can even mount it up on the wall if you have less space to play with. Its price point is quite high, particularly when you compare it to the more budget Acer, but there is no doubt that it is a great 144hz gaming monitor.

The Good: Please Like

  • This is a well-designed monitor, that is easily adjustable and also able to be mounted on the wall.
  • It performs well when you play fast-paced video games, as there is zero ghosting.
  • The 1ms response time makes the graphics come to life.

The Bad: Please Note

  • This model comes in at quite a high price tag for what you get. Particularly when you compare it to the Acer GN246HL

Bottom Line:This is a great gaming monitor. It brings gaming to life. Having a go on this monitor will really help you understand what all the fuss is about with 144hz. Gaming is lifelike, smooth, fluid and clear. On top of that the design makes its versatile, easy to move and place wherever you want to game in your home..


No.3: LG 32GK850G-B High-end 144HZ Monitor Under $1000

About this 144hz Monitor

With the LG 32GK850G-B you get the biggest and the best. It gives you the speed you want with its high refresh rate and adaptive sync technology, so you will get clear pictures too. It is also about its size. You get 32” of wonderful gaming with this monitor. With its 1440 resolution and G-Sync support it boasts all of the best features on the market. When you game on this monitor it really takes over your whole field of view and you are really immersed in the game. It is unique because it is one of the only monitors out there that offers the G-Sync as well as the 144hz refresh rate, and for that it becomes quite pricey. For some the size will just be too much, it can easily come across as overpowering and monstrous, it really depends on the size of the space you have to put this monitor in.

The Good: Please Like

  • This monitor is all about speed, with its 144hz refresh rate that can go up to 165hz.
  • It is huge, measuring up at 32”, with 1440 resolution.
  • It has all the ports you need including HDMI and DisplayPort
  • It is a well-designed model, that can be tilted and pivoted to suit you.

The Bad: Please Note

  • This model is very expensive and may be a little too big for some people!

Bottom Line:This is a good gaming monitor. The colours really pop on the screen with this LG. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a huge screen with G-Sync and a high refresh rate, but you’ll need quite a lot of cash to afford this one..

Short Summary

These three 144hz gaming monitors are quite different models. I’ve given you our favourite big screens, as well as my budget favourite and a good solid option in the Asus. Each model has its benefits, but simply for value alone I think the Acer is a really awesome 144hz, that would be a great starting point for most gamers looking to upgrade to 144hz.

Part #3 The most awesome FreeSync 144hz monitors

The Key Points Uncovered: FreeSync monitors

FreeSync is actually the brand name for a type of adaptive sync technology now used in gaming. This tech aims to reduce the amount of screen tearing you see where you can see multiple frames in a single draw. FreeSync will stop this. It is designed for displays that support a dynamic refresh rate and was developed by AMD. Unlike G-Sync, FreeSync technology is free to use in gaming monitors by any company, without any royalties. That is why it is often cheaper to buy a FreeSync 144hz gaming monitor, than one with G-Sync.

No.1: The Budget ViewSonic VX2457 144hz Monitor Under $200

About this 144hz Monitor

This is a super cheap model, that is excellent and affordable. With FreeSync included, it offers a wealth of great features at a rock bottom price. It is 24”, with 1080p resolution, and lots of different gaming modes. It is one of our strongest contenders at the budget end of the market, and is a solid all-rounder for your gaming. With this model, there are some negatives when it comes to the design and build. It has a very glossy finish, which makes it look cheap. On the other hand, it is easy to put together, but you do get a bit of wobble when you stand the monitor up. However, there are some good ports on this gaming monitor, with HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA all included, as well as some built-in speakers. More importantly, for its price, this 144hz gaming monitor performs really well.

The Good: Please Like

  • Amazing price considering AMD Freesync is already included.
  • This model has good input lag speeds, and a great all-round gaming performance.

The Bad: Please Note

  • This model is designed cheaply and it shows. From the finish to the ergonomics, it isn’t a sturdy model.
  • As always, the built-in speakers are poor quality.

Bottom Line: The bottom line with this model is that you still get more than what you are pay for. Although there are some design sacrifices to get it at such a cheap price, it more than makes up for it in great colour accuracy and how it handles fast-paced games with ease and elegance.t.

No.2:  Acer’s XFA240 Mid-end 144HZ Monitor Under $500

About this 144hz Monitor

This is one of the most affordable monitors that can perform really well on the market at the minute. You shouldn’t expect it to come with some of the most forward-thinking features, but it still offers an excellent gaming performance. Also, you can quite easily tweak some of its settings to get an experience that is worthy of a gaming monitor twice its price. Like with any monitor, there are some issues. For example, if the display reverts to its default settings you will find the colour looks bad, but you just need to go in and make some changes for it to be fully-functioning again.  This is a simply designed 144hz gaming monitor, you aren’t paying for anything flashy, but it is sturdy and well made, which is really all that matters. This is one of the models that is making great 144hz gaming more affordable and accessible.

The Good: Please Like

  • With this model, you get some high-quality features at a really reasonable price.
  • This model offers a high level of performance as it has FreeSync technology.

The Bad: Please Note

  • The viewing angles aren’t the best, which is a general downside of TN.

Bottom Line: Although this is by far the best 144hz on the market, it offers a lot for its price. Also, you can make some small tweaks to get it working like a gaming monitor that is double the price. This is the gaming monitor for you if you want something good, without breaking the bank.

Short Summary

Getting FreeSync included in your 144hz gaming monitor is a really great extra. Hopefully I’ve shown you can find some really great models at this level that won’t also break the bank. Both the Acer and the ViewSonic are solid 144hz monitors that with the added adaptive sync technology will ensure your gaming will always be smooth and fluid.

Part #4 A rundown of the best NVIDIA G-SYNC 144hz monitors

The Key Points Uncovered: NVidia G-Sync

Not dissimilar to FreeSync G-Sync was developed by Nvidia and is a version of adaptive sync technology that aims to get rid of screen tearing whilst gaming. It works by getting the display to adapt to the frame rate of the graphics card, rather than the other way around. In contrast to AMD’s FreeSync with G-Sync you must have the right GPU and module that is made only by Nvidia, so their technology can’t be widely used by other manufacturers, making it more costly and desirable. But that doesn’t mean Nvidia haven’t come under fire for their fierce protection of this technology, particularly when they are free and cheaper alternatives like FreeSync available, but as long as it continues to perform well, we’ll carry on buying it.

No.1: Acer Predator XB271HU High-end 144HZ Monitor Under $1000

About this 144hz Monitor

This is one of those monitors that gamers claim really does have it all. It’s a 27” 144hz gaming monitor that boasts a 1440p resolution. It reliably offers some really stunning images that are clear, precise and really vibrant. This is because of its IPS panel. The included G-Sync along with the 144hz refresh rates, makes sure that the images perform as they should. Although it doesn’t only have a 4ms, you can’t really see and ghosting or blur on this monitor. As you’d expect with some IPS panels you do get a bit of an IPS glow, which is annoying, but the downside of IPS. This monitor comes with built-in speakers, a HDMI port, as well as a DisplayPort and USB connections. It is really ergonomic and easily moveable, and it looks quite nice too!

The Good: Please Like

  • The image is always flawless and its technology allows for great gaming performance.
  • This model is well designed and ergonomically friendly.

The Bad: Please Note

  • IPS glow can be quite annoying at times.
  • The 4ms could be improved to make this a truly outstanding model.

Bottom Line:Coming from the well-known and reliable Acer predator range, this gaming monitor will not let you down. With its IPS panel and G-Sync adaptive sync, this gaming monitor reaches a level of its own. If you are looking for a flawless finish, then this is the 144hz gaming monitor for you.

No.2:  Acer Predator XB241H Mid-end 144HZ Monitor Under $500

About this 144hz Monitor

This monitor was made specifically for great gaming, so it has a lot to live up to. Firstly, it comes with a TN panel and Nvidia G-sync which stops any screen tearing issues straight away. It is fully HD and can actually reach a refresh rate of 180hz! It comes with all the connectivity ports you could need, including a HDMI port and a DisplayPort. It also has a 1ms response rate, so if you are a keen gamer that wants the best from your gaming monitor, then this could be an option for you. An extra it comes with is some built in eye protection, which is really good for hard core gamers. With this model, there is no doubt you will be winning and becoming a truly competitive gamer.

The Good: Please Like

  • This is a great budget-friendly HD monitor.
  • It comes with some brilliant features including the refresh rate that can get up to 180hz, the G-Sync an 1ms response rate.

The Bad: Please Note

  • Perhaps IPS panels would be better than the TN panels.

Bottom Line:I’m recommending this gaming monitor because it gives you everything you need for smooth and clear visuals whilst you game. With all its features, it is packed full of high-spec and great performance. And it isn’t overpriced for what you get, which is always a bonus.

Short Summary

G-Sync included in a 144hz gaming monitor allows for a really supreme gaming performance. Together, it means your gaming monitor will deliver on quality and enable you to game with enjoyment every time. Both of these models are great option is you have a Nvidia graphics card and want G-Sync included.

Part #5 Which 1080p 144hz monitor would I choose?

The Key Points Uncovered:1080p 144hz monitors

1080p is a level of screen or display resolution, which basically means the number of pixels per unit of area or how densely they are filled. So 1080p, is basically 1920×1080 and is more commonly known as FHD or full HD. 1080p remains the most popular and arguably the best gaming resolution there is. It allows for great in-game performance, without needing a strong GPU that some of the higher resolutions require. Working with 144hz, 1080p is the best framework to ensure you get the maximum possible framerates too. If you really want food performance over visual quality, then 1080p still has a lot to offer for gamers.

No.1: BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P Mid-end 144HZ Monitor Under $500

About this 144hz Monitor

This is a gaming monitor that is well suited for professional gameplay. It has a TN panel, is fully HD and has a 1080p screen resolution. Therefore, it is easy for this gaming monitor to reach its 144hz refresh rate whilst still retaining its solid pixel density. The 1ms response time makes sure there is no ghosting or blur, which the blur reduction technology also really helps with. This monitor is well set up to allow you to really get your teeth into some of the fastest games out there. The only downside is the TN panels, which is a common issue with gaming monitors that use them. It limits the viewing angles, which is annoying. However, on the upside this monitor is really versatile and can be easily moved around to suit how you like to play.

The Good: Please Like

  • This monitor comes with a colour vibrancy feature and DisplayPort, which are two well-used features.
  • It comes with really versatile ergonomics that allow you to rotate, swivel and tilt until your hearts content.
  • This model has an impressive performance overall.

The Bad: Please Note

  • The TN Panels.

This is a strong piece of 1080P 144HZ monitor kit. It is a great gaming monitor for a good price. The image quality is good every time and it is a solid entry level monitor for those of you who are looking to break into competitive gaming. If you can find this one on sale, then it will be a really bargain!

No.2:  AOC G2460PF Mid-end 144HZ Monitor Under $500

About this 144hz Monitor

This is one of the cheapest and also reliable 144hz gaming monitors on the market. You will definitely be surprised when you see what this gaming monitor can offer for its price. It has TN panels and includes a 1ms response rate, which means super quick responses that aren’t blurred. With the 144hz refresh rate you’ve got everything you need to be ready for gaming like a pro. It also comes with both HDMI and DisplayPort connections, as well as built in speakers and the ability to tilt and swivel the monitor as you would like. As with all TN panels there are downsides. The colours can, at times seem a little washed out and the viewing angles can also let this gaming monitor down. You come to expect issues like this from TN panels, so you need to work out if the budget friendly price of this model negates these issues.

The Good: Please Like

  • This monitor is great value for money, at a really budget price.
  • You can move and tilt this monitor really easily, making it perfect for any place in your home.
  • It has a lot of ports, which makes it well connected and it performs well when gaming.

The Bad: Please Note

  • The TN Panels create some issues with both the colours and viewing angles.

Bottom Line:This is a good 24” full HD 1080P 144HZ monitor. The fact it comes with 144hz refresh rate, a 1ms response rate and 1080p resolution, means we were all surprised to see it coming in at under $200. This is another good entry level gaming monitor, that will allow you to game consistently and reliably.

Short Summary

We’ve found a couple of great contenders in the 1080p, 144hz range. At this level, there are some good budget options that still deliver a solid and consistent performance. This is the kind of monitor I would recommend if you are starting out with 144hz for the first time. Don’t go crazy spending loads on the newest features, as these gaming monitors will do the job well.

Part #6 1440p 144hz Monitors, when do I need this resolution?

The Key Points Uncovered:1440p 144hz monitors

1440p resolution monitors are quickly becoming the monitor resolution that most gamers want. It really is taking over from the most popular 1080p.  1440p 144hz monitors have a resolution level of 2560×1440 and an aspect ratio of 16:9, known as Quad HD. For the newer games that are coming out, they are starting to require 1440p resolution, so you need this res if you want to stay ahead of the curve. The monitor will get you more pixels, so the image and graphics will be higher quality than lower resolution options.

No.1: Dell Flagship High Performance Mid-end 144HZ Monitor Under $500

About this 144hz Monitor

This 27” widescreen LED 144hz gaming monitor comes with a resolution of 1440p and a 16:9 aspect ratio. These features ensure it gives you a truly stunning and high definition gaming experience. The images are smooth and clear, and you have a big screen to enjoy it. To make sure your gameplay is always smooth this model comes with Nvidia G-Sync included, so the 144hz refresh rate will automatically be synced to your Nvidia GPU to get rid of any potential screen tearing. With this added feature, you can be sure that your screen won’t stutter and you won’t see any input lag issues. With a 1ms response time, this monitor really does have a high-quality specification. The colours change at ultrafast pace, avoiding and ghosting or blur on-screen when you are playing some fast-paced games.

The Good: Please Like

  • You can be sure that this gaming monitor will deliver fluid and crystal-clear graphics evert time
  • Comes with both HDMI and DisplayPorts
  • Has the added bonus of coming with Nvidia G-Sync technology

The Bad: Please Note

  • This monitor isn’t cheap, there are perhaps some better value options on the market.

Bottom Line:All-round this is a good choice of 1440p 144hz monitor. It comes with the highest spec and includes everything you need for connectivity. If you don’t already have a Nvidia GPU, this won’t be the monitor for you, but other than that it is superb..

No.2:  VIOTEK GN27D Mid-end 144HZ Monitor Under $500

About this 144hz Monitor

This is a budget model that has both 1440p resolution and 144hz refresh rates, making it a good gaming monitor with a curved screen. It doesn’t look like your standard futuristic style monitor, but instead looks quite like a luxury TV monitor, so it will blend in wherever you put it in your home. There is no doubt that this monitor looks really good. It has a rose gold stand, which is very on-trend and won’t look out of place with other pieces of furniture. It boasts a 1ms response time and is really accurate with its colours. The size and the curve style of the screen really make you feel immersed and engrossed in gaming with this model too, which is great. There is no doubt that this monitor is an excellent all-round performer when it comes to gaming experience. Although it looks nice, it is a little flawed when it comes to some of its other design features, but this can be easily forgiven.

The Good: Please Like

  • The 1440p resolution means gaming is visually very pleasing.
  • The 144hz refresh rate and included FreeSync means that gaming is seamless on this monitor.
  • The size and curve of this gaming monitor make gaming a great immersive experience.

The Bad: Please Note

  • This monitor lets itself down when it comes to its lack of sturdy design.

Bottom Line:This is a great little 1440p 144hz monitor. Not only does it come with all the features you should be looking for, it also comes with some bonus features like its anti-glare setting to help with eyestrain. If its 144hz and 1440p you want, then this would be a good buy for you..

Short Summary

When you move up from 1080p 10 1440p resolution gaming monitors, you are starting to look at a higher price tag, but we’ve found two really good value options. They both have all the features you could need and won’t completely break the bank! For that, let’s move on to talking about 4k…

Part #7 what is all the fuss about with 4k 144hz Monitors?

The Key Points Uncovered:4k 144hz monitors

4k monitors really are taking things to the next level. 4k ultra HD monitors are 3840×2160 pixels, twice as many pixels as 1080p. You get a bigger work surface, without losing any pixels, so with a large display you will see the benefit of 4k straight away. If your graphics card can handle 4k, then you will see everything so much sharper and in more detail, but you really do need a super-beefy high-end graphics card to be able to play games in 4k, otherwise the investment is pretty pointless.

No.1: ASUS VP28UQG Mid-end 144HZ Monitor Under $500

About this 144hz Monitor

This ASUS VP28UQG boasts the ultimate 4k monitor 144hz ultra hd resolution, as well as AMD’s FreeSync adaptive sync technology. On top of that, it has a 1ms response speed, as well as numerous other great gaming features. With a specification list like that, this gaming monitor really does have everything you could possibly need. The 1ms response time means there is no ghosting at all, and you can really enjoy some of the fastest games on the market, with no issues at all. The TN panel does let this model down a little, as it sacrifices the colours at certain angles, but this monitor is really about its speed and high-quality performance level. With the 4k and FreeSync the overall image quality is still good. The design of this monitor is nothing to go crazy about, overall it is simple, but it is functional and it works.

The Good: Please Like

  • There are lots of good additional gaming features included like the On-Screen display functions.
  • The specification on this monitor is amazing – 4k, 1ms, FreeSync!

The Bad: Please Note

  • As with any model that uses a TN panel, the viewing angles can cause some colour changes when you view from certain angles.

Bottom Line:This is a good and safe bet if you are looking for a 4k monitor 144hz. There are other monitors on the market that are probably a little cheaper, or better designed, but there is no doubt that this gaming monitor will perform for you. It has the high-tech specification, so if you are looking for all the best and latest features that will deliver a superb gaming experience, then the ASUS VP28UQG will work well for you..

No.2:  Acer Predator XB271HK High-end 144HZ Monitor Under $1000

About this 144hz Monitor

This is a 34” 4k gaming monitor that also includes G-Sync technology. With the added G-Sync included from Nvidia the refresh rate syncs to the frame rate of your GPU, making sure that you have a super smooth gaming experience with no screen tear at all. You can also be sure that you won’t see any annoying input lag with this 144hz gaming monitor either. This model includes an IPS panel, which unlike TN panels, makes sure that the colours and viewing angles are great every time. It has a 4ms response time, which isn’t 1ms, but it’s still good. What is really great about this monitor is its resolution. It gives a really crisp and sharp image, that makes gaming really amazing.

The Good: Please Like

  • The IPS panel included is much better than other models that use TN.
  • This gaming monitor includes Nvidia’s G-Sync technology.

The Bad: Please Note

  • The 4ms response rate could be faster, but this isn’t a major problem.

Bottom Line:This is another great gaming monitor from Acer’s Predator range. Not only does it perform, it also looks great with its red feet and streamlined monitor. It really looks like it will good for gaming as it is a 4k monitor 144hz. And it is great! With this monitor, you can really turbocharge your experience, with a specification of epic proportions, as well as some great added extras like built-in eye protection. This model is a safe choice!

Short Summary

4k is now the most advanced option on the market. These days we can find lots of gaming monitors like the Predator and Asus model. They seem to have it all, with a specification list we would have only dreamed of a few years ago. For me, the ASUS VP28UQG has the edge in this category.

Part #8 Asus’ 144hz gaming monitors uncovered

The Key Points Uncovered: Cool monitors from Asus

ASUS are a well-known and trusted brand when it comes to gaming monitors. From ASUS and ROG, you can find a monitor across a wide variance of different categories. Whether you want to game in the best 4k resolution, want a unique curbed monitor or the highest refresh rate possible, then there will be an ASUS gaming monitor that will deliver what you need.

No.1: ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR High-end 144HZ Monitor Under $1000

About this 144hz Monitor

This is one of Asus’ best gaming monitors. Not only does it have a 1440p resolution, it also has a 144hz refresh rate that can actually be boosted up to 165hz! This model is really well built, with the signature dash of red on the stand, and it also includes G-Sync technology. This gaming monitor really is at the top of its game. We tested this monitor on a variety of games, and every time the gameplay was seamless and smooth, with visuals that were always crystal clear. You’ll also be surprised to know that this monitor comes with TN panels that actually reproduce images well, so the lack of vibrancy and viewing angle issues aren’t that much of a problem. For the price, this model from Asus definitely offers the best performance for the cost.

The Good: Please Like

  • Great overall performance quality for the price, that professional gamers will love.
  • Good specification including a high hz rate and G-Sync that ensures fluid gameplay.

The Bad: Please Note

  • Normal issues with TN panels around vibrancy and viewing angles.

Bottom Line:This gaming monitor does let itself down a little with the TN panel, but overall it does offer a brilliant ultimate gaming experience. The high specification list and the nice design from Asus make it a high-quality gaming monitor that most gamers will love.

Part #9 The very best BenQ 144hz gaming monitors

The Key Points Uncovered: The monitors from BenQ

BenQ monitors are some of the most favored gaming monitors amongst real gaming professionals. They almost always have impressive specifications and some of the best displays on the market. Since the 1980’s BenQ have come a long way to be really competitive on the gaming scene, competing with some of the biggest and most long-standing companies.

No.1: BenQ ZOWIE XL2730 Mid-end 144HZ Monitor Under $500

About this 144hz Monitor

This is a monitor that is the product of the partnership between BenQ and Zowie. The partnership between the two companies is all about creating E-Sports focused products that are great, and they have done exactly that with this model. It is a 27” monitor with FreeSync, 144hz, a 1ms response time and a 1440 resolution. It is a high-tech model and is the perfect gaming monitor for really serious gamers. It is used across the globe in competitive tournaments, so it is widely accepted as being one of the best options on the market at the minute. This is a lot to do with its design focus on E-Sports and factors like the high refresh rate and lack of lag display, which results in a super smooth performance every time you play.

The Good: Please Like

  • The really sleek and simple design.
  • Good FreeSync technology which ensure gaming is continuously smooth.

The Bad: Please Note

  • TN panels have the usual limitations.

Bottom Line:We would admit that this gaming monitor does have the usual issues that you see with TN panels, but overall it doesn’t limit the gaming experience. The smooth experience owing to the FreeSync and other top specification features make this on elf the best monitors out there for really serious gamers..


Part #10 Some awesome Acer 144hz monitors

The Key Points Uncovered: These Acer monitors

Acer is another of one of the most well-known computer and monitor brands out there. The Taiwanese company has been specializing in gaming monitors since the 1970s. Their Predator brand of gaming products   boasts modern designs, with futuristic monitors that are high-quality and great for gaming.

No.1: Acer Predator Z35 High-end 144HZ Monitor Under $1000

About this 144hz Monitor

This Predator from Acer is a 35” curved gaming monitor, with a 1080p resolution, as well as G-Sync technology. This makes sure that there is no screen tearing or input lag that you sometimes see without adaptive sync. This is a 144hz gaming monitor, but it can actually reach 200hz refresh rate when you enable the G-Sync, which allows for truly stunning gameplay. It is also nice to see VA panels, as they are vastly better than TN panels in terms of colours and viewing angles, but they do have some issues with colour shift. We like the fact that this gaming monitor is curved, as it makes gaming really immersive and lifelike.  This is another premium gaming monitor for those of you that are really serious about getting one of the best models on the market.

The Good: Please Like

  • The design will definitely grab people’s attention and screams ‘gamer’!
  • Amazing image quality and colours.

The Bad: Please Note

  • This is an expensive gaming monitor, so will be out of reach for lots of people.

Bottom Line:If you like the idea of a good curved monitor that brings you that immersive gaming experience, then this is a monitor to consider. You get a wider field of view and it can reach a 200hz refresh rate with the built-in G-Sync, but this monitor doesn’t come in cheap and it may put off a lot of people..

Part #11 Our hardware list for your 144hz monitor

Quick Tips: The accessories you will need

There are always a ton of different accessories you can buy to go with your 144hz gaming monitor. You will find lots of things you can buy to enhance your gaming experience. Some of the key accessories include:


  • Wall mount-You can buy a wall mount monitor arm which allows you to mount your monitor wherever you want. It will offer a wider range of motion, and you can also invest in a dual screen mount, so you can set up a two-screen system.
  • Tilt mounting kit-For those monitors that use don’t tilt enough you can find specific tilt mounting kits, that will help you give your monitor a bigger range of movement for under $20.
  • Privacy filter-A privacy filter will keep your information safe and secure from prying eyes!

Top Pick Lists

We’ve had a think about some of our top 144hz monitor accessories and lined up our top recommended picks here:

VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desktop Mount Stand

This mount stand is one of the easiest to install and use with 27” monitors. The spring arm is completely adjustable to you can move it to fit with the viewing angle you want. What is great is that it can handle heavy duty gaming monitors too.

3M Privacy Filter for Standard and Widescreen monitors

Our best privacy filter is this one from 3M, as it will fit universally with any gaming monitor, and has a light, thin design. It is really good at protecting your privacy and also reduces annoying reflections at the same time.

Are you Ready for These 144hz Monitors Recommendations?

Even though I’ve given you my top 144hz gaming monitor choices, there are still some last few tips I want to leave you with. There are lots of different options and variants you can choose between when buying into a 144hz monitor, so it’s helpful to try and decipher the differences and think about the pros and cons of each features. Read on to find out more about some of my top tips, as well as some really hand answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that come my way.

How To Buy 144hz Monitor: Super Guide,Tips

Buying a 144HZ monitor might feel a lot more like art than science, however, the technology at the rear of the display screen is not easy to understand. You should know discovering these technologies is essential to navigating the minefield of marketing buzzwords separating you from your next monitor, and That’s what this guide is for, it breaks down what you ought to learn about modern gaming displays, such as resolution, refresh rated, response time and so on, just helping any kind of you seeking for a good 144HZ monitor meeting your need.

My top 10 Tips When Buying A 144HZ Monitor

  1. Remember that the gaming monitor is the most important part of your gaming kit, as it actually displays the image.
  2. Think about more than just the price and the diagonal length when buying a gaming monitor.
  3. Don’t get caught up in thinking that the best gaming monitors are always thin and huge.
  4. Analyze contrast ratio
  5. Compare the response time between different monitors
  6. Make sure to check the refresh rate of the gaming monitor
  7. Think about the input delay
  8. Ask around for recommendations and reviews from friends
  9. Remember to actually try the monitor before you buy! A shop should allow you to have a go at gaming.
  10. Be clear on what you want from your monitor before you start looking around, this will focus your options

How to choose between 1080P VS 1440P VS 4K 144HZ Monitors?

Resolution is fast becoming one of the most talked about aspects of any gaming monitor. 1080p used to be the most popular and obvious choice for most gamers, but now there is 1440p and even 4k on the market. 1080p is full HD, 1440 is quad HD and 4k is known as ultra HD. 4k essentially doubles the resolution of 1080p, so you need to have a GPU that can handle this, and really muster up the power. 1080p monitors are the minimum resolution you should be thinking about these days, with 1440p and 4k potential options to consider if you have already invested in a top-quality GPU.

What really is the difference between AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC?

The first thing to say is that the graphics card you choose will then dictate whether you go with AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync. If you’ve gone for a Nvidia then you will have to go with G-Sync and the same for AMD. Both types of technology aim to create the smoothest gameplay possible, with the approach slightly different. AMD gets the graphics card and monitor talking to each other to keep the refresh rate constant, whereas Nvidia synchronize the monitor and card using an on-board module in the display. A different method, but both adaptive technology aims to create that build on-screen result.

Which Panel Technology Should I Get?

When it comes to panel technology it is a decision between TN, IPS and VA. TN or twisted nematic is the most common type on the market, built with a nematic liquid crystal that sits between two sheets of glass. They are the most affordable option, but aren’t without their flaws. IPS or in-plane switching aims to improve upon TN and creates a much more consistent colour accuracy and better viewing angles. Finally, VA or vertical alignment is a panel type that uses liquid crystals and an electrical current. A real bonus of this technology is that it can block light from the backlight.

What is the fuss about with UltraWide Gaming Monitors?

Gone are the days when you will need a dual-screen setup, as gaming companies are hoping to solve the problem by bringing you the widest monitors possible! They are a huge 21:9 in size and they are a new class of screen. The different aspect ratio stretches things out on a horizontal bias, so they really are super wide! They will give you a huge view whilst gaming, with zero bezels in the middle, that you would normally find with dual monitors. You will be able to see much more in your peripheral vision and feel really immersed in your gaming.

Make 144Hz Monitor More Powerful

Even once you’ve decided on which 144hz monitor you are going to buy, and have got it home with you, there are still some different tweaks you can make yourself to ensure you get its full power. You may be surprised to know that it may not actually run at its 144hz refresh rate until you’ve made some changes to both your settings and hardware. These are some of the important changes we recommend:

Set Your Refresh Rate in Windows

One of the first things you need to do is to set Windows at the right refresh right and not anything lower. You can do this in settings, under system, display, advanced display and then monitor. You should be able to find 144hz in the list, so select this and hit ok. If for some reason you don’t see this option or it isn’t working, then you will need to try something else and check your cables.

Check Your Cables

Your monitor may only run 144hz when it is connected through the DisplayPort. Often if you connect the monitor through HDMI it may be limited to only running at 60hz, which isn’t what you want from the 144hz you’ve just splashed out on! Once you use your DisplayPort make sure the cable is certified, as there are a lot of people selling poor quality cables out there. If you use the cable that came in the box with your monitor, then you should be fine. It may sound obvious, but do check that all of your cables are connected securely. Sometimes even if they are a little loose you will have big problems.

144hz Monitor FAQs: The answers to the questions people always ask

I wanted to make this guide completely full-proof, so I decided to go through some of the most frequently asked questions that people ask me, and put my answers here. Hopefully this will save you a ton of time googling answers!

What cable do you need for 144hz?

If you have a VGA or D-Sub then you will need to buy a new cable. Most of the best and newer GPUs and monitors won’t even have the ports anymore! DVI is more common, but you will need a newer modern to fit with 144hz, one like the Dual-Link DVI. As you probably know HDMI is now the cable of choice for most electronics. You need at least an HDMI 1.4 for 144hz, and a HDMI 2.0 or 2.1 are even better. As well as HDMI, most gaming monitors and systems also have a DisplayPort. A 1.2 will be fine for most gamers, but with a 1.4 you can get 144hz at 4k.

What does 144hz mean?

You’ll be surprised at how often people ask this question! It may seem simple, but so many people can get into the depths of research and then still be asking themselves, what does this really mean? Firstly, it is a refresh rate measurement. Refresh rate is the speed at which a monitor refreshes and changes the images on the screen. So, the quicker it does this, then the clearer the picture will be. This is measured in hz or hertz, so 144 refreshes the image 144 times a minute.

How do you change the refresh rate on a monitor?

This is something you will probably need to know when you buy a new 144hz monitor, as your system is likely to be set at your old refresh rate. This can vary from system to system, but for a windows you will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the control panel
  2. Click on display
  3. Find the settings tab
  4. Click on advanced
  5. Select monitor

Then within this window you will be able to select your desired refresh rate from a list of options.

Is a high refresh rate good for gaming?

Wow! This is a question that is hard to answer quickly. Well, 120hz and 144hz are probably the best levels of refresh rate for gaming. They will both deliver a seamless gaming experience. They both have a refresh rate that can more than handle all the games that are currently on the market. You probably actually won’t see much difference upgrading to 240hz, but you will see a bigger dent in your wallet!

Can HDMI 2.0 do 144hz?

You may find when using a HDMI cable that they can only support 60 or 120hz, which is no good if you have just invested in a 144hz monitor and want to get the best out of it. A Mini-DisplayPort will easily do 144hz at 1080p, so be sure to check you have one. It really does vary from monitor to monitor, so make sure you check the small print before you buy.

What is DP compared to HDMI?

Lots of people have no idea about the differences between DP (DisplayPort) and HDMI. HDMI has 19 pins, with three different types, the standard size, a mini size and a micro size. In contrast DisplayPorts are available in two sizes and have 20 pins. You can get the standard version or the mini size. They are similar, but these days most gamers will agree that a DisplayPort is better designed for gaming monitors. That is why it is generally recommended over using a HDMI.

More Choice: Best Gaming Monitors Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking to buy a gaming monitor there is a ton of choice out there. I’ve put together a comprehensive guide and listings of some of our favourite 144hz gaming monitors. We’ve tested and reviewed and actually played on a lot of monitors and these are our favourites. But remember, these are our opinions! There are always more options out there, so make sure you go into stores and actually try before you buy. This is the only way to know if the monitor will be right for you. And remember, there are new models coming onto the market all the time, so keep checking them out as more choice comes!

Final words

A 144hz gaming monitor is a really big investment, so hopefully this guide will help you make a more informed decision. I think it is a really good idea to spend some money on a good gaming display, as it is one of the most important parts of your gaming experience. This guide to the best 144hz monitors of 2019

isn’t completely exhaustive, but we’ve tested a lot and put together some great picks to make sure you buy a great monitor that will give you an awesome gaming experience.





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