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Best Samsung Curved Monitor Of 2018

Samsung CFG70 Series 27-Inch 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor (C27FG70)

This is a popular display, many people like this monitor because it increases the quantum dot technology, and it can display a wide range of accurate colors. The Samsung CFG70 Series 27-Inch 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor has a very special desktop style, with a built-in blue light filter to reduce damage to the eyes. The display screen is full HD and a wide range of vision, so you will have a very good game experience.


Quantum dot technology: This Samsung CFG70 Series 27-Inch 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor adds quantum dot technology, so you can see the exact color in a wide range of situations.

144 Hz Refresh Rate: the monitor has 144Hz refresh rate and it will not appear the picture of tearing.

Enhanced gaming usability: This Samsung 144hz Monitor gives us some extra game style, so that we can enjoy a different game experience.


The monitor can’t adjust the height of the screen.

What Current Owners

I think this Samsung 144hz Monitor is very suitable for me, it’s a good function, and its price is not expensive, I recommend everyone to buy it.


This Samsung CFG70 Series 27-Inch 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor increases the quantum dot technology, in the game can show a more beautiful picture.

Best MIS Curved Monitor Of 2018

MSI 144hz Gaming Monitor 27″ Curved non-Glare LED Wide Screen 1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate (Optix G27C)

This is a very popular game monitor, which has a refresh rate of 144Hz, full HD resolution can bring us a more realistic image. The control panel of the MSI Gaming 144Hz Monitor is designed to be very reasonable, and the ultra fast response speed makes us happier in the game. The MSI Gaming 144Hz Monitor color is very good, there are a lot of game enthusiasts praise it.


144hz Refresh Rate: The monitor has a high refresh rate of 144Hz, which can reduce the screen tearing and jitter phenomenon.

True Color: The monitor has a high resolution, it provide us with the most realistic and the most detailed image.

Wide Viewing Angle: It can view a clearer picture even in a broader perspective.


The monitor has a bit Small backlight bleeding.

What Current Owners Say This 144Hz Monitor

I like the design of the monitor and the color of the screen, it’s response is very fast, it is important that I will not feel tired even if I look at the monitor for a long time, I think this is a very worthwhile purchase.


The MSI Gaming 144HzMonitor has wide viewing angel and high Refresh Rate, it is very popular with game enthusiasts.

Best LG Curved Monitor Of 2018

LG 34UC79G-B 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate

This is an increase of the advanced features of the game display, which has optimized monitor settings, can be well reflected in the dark scene. The response of this display is very fast, so reducing the blur of the screen gives us a smooth gaming experience. The LG Curved UltraWide IPS Gaming 144Hz Monitor has a wide screen, we can see a wider field of vision in the game.


Ultrafast response time: The response time of the display is 1ms, allowing players to play with a high level of skill.

Advanced Gaming Features: This monitor can quickly optimize the monitor settings so that tiny details can be well reflected in the dark.

Full HD screen: it has full HD and Curved screen so that you will have a broad vision and get clear picture.


This LG Curved UltraWide IPS Gaming 144Hz Monitor has no speakers.

What Current Owners

I was through the introduction of a friend to know the monitor, I found it really popular, I can play a very smooth game, the screen has no blur. The design of this monitor provide me with elegance.I am very impressed with this product!


This IPS 144hz Monitor has advanced gaming feature and fast reaponse time, it is very suitable for game enthusiasts.

Best 32 Inch Curved Monitor Of 2018

FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek GN27C 32” Curved Computer Gaming Monitor

This FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek Computer Gaming Monitor is able to eliminate motion blur to provide you with a lag free gaming experience. This 144HZ Curved Monitor is designed with a ed color combo and classic black. This FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek Computer Gaming Monitor is capable of bringing you amazing picture no matter how demanding the games are. This product can provide you with many colors and vivid images.


Dynamic contrast ratio: The 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio will bring you vivid images and you will be provided with all the details.

Connectivity options: This 144HZ Curved Monitor can bring you DUAL LINK DV1, DP1 and HDMI that these connectivity options gives you much convenience.

High resolution: The 1920x1080p high resolution eliminates motion blur for you and you will be offered the best gaming experience.


There is only 3 monitors left in stock.

What Current Owners

I was very impressed with this Viotek’s 32″ curved monitor! This item is well desgined with good contrast and good colors.I enjoy playing computer games with it very much. I was pleased with this purchasing.

Bottle line

This FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek gaming monitor features a modern design and is designed with many useful feature to provide you wonderful gaming experience. You will fall in love this perfect monitor at the first sight.










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