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Is this a gaming time you’re on the lookout to change your monitor? You most likely are hunting for a tiny advice.Don’t Worry, We’ve Collected 100+ 144hz monitors on the market To Find out The Best 144hz monitor of 2017

In this guide, we are going to show you the best 144hz monitors that you can buy, including 144hz gaming monitors, 1440p 144hz monitors, top 4k 144hz monitors, best ultrawide 144hz monitors and more.

Guide to 144HZ monitor technology

Buying a 144HZ monitor might feel a lot more like art than science, however, the technology at the rear of the display screen is not easy to understand. You should know discovering these technologies is essential to navigating the minefield of marketing buzzwords separating you from your next monitor, and That’s what this guide is for, it breaks down what you ought to learn about modern gaming displays, such as resolution, refresh rated, response time and so on, just helping any kind of you seeking for a good 144HZ monitor meeting your need.



Best 144hz Gaming Monitor Of 2018

BenQ ZOWIE 24 Inch LED Full HD 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor Reviews

BenQ delivered over a 144Hz-capable 24-inch screen costed nicely. Being a game player, it would be difficult to ignore this product, which does not provide G-Sync support, but does provide a great graphic and outstanding optimum refresh rate for under $300.

The Reasons To Buy This 144HZ Monitor

  1. Personalize Viewing Angles: The height adjustable stand can be operated with merely 1 finger so that you can quickly adjust the height of the monitor for your favored viewing angle, making the most of your ease and comfort.
  2. Game Settings for Boosted Gaming Experience: All the games features its own optimum settings. To provide the most ideal gaming experience, ZOWIE designed game modes. It is simple to change to these game modes with the touch of a hot key.

Something You May not Like

  1. This monitor (XL2720T) does not possess Gsync or Freesync

What Current Owners say this 144HZ Monitor

Purchased this 144HZ Monitor for my fellow for his birthday to help improve his desktop computer. He really likes it and has not experienced any problems!

No gsync, no freesync, no issue- Truthfully, you do not require gsync with this refresh rate as even at lower fps the tearing is nearly non-existent. It really is refreshing.

Why It is A top Pick

This BenQ ZOWIE 24 1080p LED Full HD 144Hz Gaming Monitor features the elite e-sports monitors for Desktop competitors, fine-tuned to ensure the easiest and responsive experience, as well as the clearest graphics to arm you for competition.

Best G-SYNC 144hz Monitor Of 2018

Acer Predator Z35 35-inch Curved Full HD (2560 x 1080) NVIDIA G-Sync Display, 144Hz

This is a full HD and high-resolution 144hz G-SYNC Monitor, it is designed for game enthusiasts and the design of the monitor, the monitor’s color of the screen is very wonderful, so you get a good game viewing experience. The Acer Predator Z35 35-inch Curved Full HD 144Hz monitor is wider than the others, so you can have a wide field of view. This monitor is built with a process reducer that reduces the delay between input and allows you to have a more fluid gaming experience.


HD curved screen: The screen of this 144hz G-SYNC Monitor is an ultra-wide curved screen that allows you to see a wider field of view.

Smooth gaming experience: The Acer Predator Z35 35-inch Curved Full HD 144Hz monitor has the process of reducer, it can let you smoothly in the game.

Eye protection technique: This 144hz G-SYNC Monitor is designed for game enthusiasts, the monitor has a blue light filter to protect our eyes


The price of this 144hz G-SYNC Monitor is a little high

What Current Owners Say

I think the price has a bit expensive, but it has a widescreen, let me play the game to see a broader vision, there is a good game experience. In general, the performance of this monitor is still very good.


The 144hz G-SYNC Monitor is very suitable for the game enthusiasts because it has widescreen and eye protection technique.


Best Free Sync 144HZ Monitor oF 2018

AOC G2460PF 24-Inch Free Sync 144hz Gaming Monitor

AOC’s G2460PF is the brand-new FreeSync gaming monitor which redraws the display screen up to 144 times per second for ultra-smooth, fantastic images. If you are looking for a monitor for game playing, this is actually the great 144HZ monitor you want at the price you would like to pay.

The Reasons To Buy This 144HZ Monitor

  1. AMD FreeSync Technology: AMD FreeSync Technology offers the high end solution for players searching for the best gaming experience.
  2. 144Hz Refresh Rate:You can Game with the quickest frame rate probable and makecertain lag-free, sleek gaming in this 144HZ monitor
  3. Great Connectivity: G2460PF offersHDMI-MHL, VGA, Dual Link DVI, Display Port, 1 x upstream USB port (USB HUB)  and 4 x USB 2.0 (1 x fast-charging port) connections

Something You May not Like

  1. It is also $200 more on Amazon online marketplace.

What Current Owners say this 144HZ Monitor

This Monitor rocks for the $199 Selling price. Graphic looks remarkable and game play is incredibly sleek.

World of Warcraft seems wonderful on this monitor. Battlefield 4 once again seems wonderful, I am playing BF4 at 120 FPS and this 144HZ monitor doesn’t let you down.

Why It is A top Pick

A lot of pros:144hz,1ms response time, Has freesync(i have gtx 1070 so wont use it), Minimal ghosting Affordable,Has USB ports for charging, Adjustable stand. Easy to setup,This is a a really great 144HZ monitor for the selling price

Best 3D 144HZ Monitor Of 2018

Acer GN246HL Bbid 24-Inch 3D 144hz Gaming monitor Reviews

Featureing Excellent performance, eco-friendliness along with smart usage of energy complement the clean design ,This 144hz monitor is charged nicely. Listed here are the options I like in regards to the monitor

The Reasons To Buy This 144HZ Monitor

  1. Outstanding detail: A 1920 x 1080 resolution of this LED monitor provides outstanding detail, which makes it great for sophisticated 1080p Full High definition game playing, multi-media as well as productivity programs.
  2. 1ms response time: Fast 1ms response time decreases deviations in transition time to provide high-quality moving pictures bringing immersive graphics to your films and video games.
  3. Powerful and Reasonably priced: Safe for you as well as your world, a GN246HL monitor makes use of mercury-free white LED backlighting and satisfy Power Super star requirements

Something You May not Like

  1. Merely Dual Link DVI support 144Hz.

What Current Owners say this 144HZ Monitor

The colours on this monitor are comparible side-by-side to a BenQ with out seeing a noticeable difference between both, I’m truly amazed with the colors throughout.

Really vibrant and lively, helps make the video games I play come alive!

Why It is A top Pick

This 144hz monitor isn’t your 1st option for a 144Hz gamimg monitor, however you will  am floored by how great it’s for the price.

Best 1080p 144hz Monitor Of 2018

Acer XF240H bmjdpr 24-inch Full HD 144hz Monitor Reviews

This Acer XF240H 24 inch monitor includes Full High definition resolution (1920 x 1080) showing gorgeous, excellent images with outstanding detail which not only improves users’ working performance, yet produces excellent visual pleasure.If you are seeking for a full High definition resolution 144HZ monitor which can match your game play,This is a great choice

The Reasons To Buy This 144HZ Monitor

  1. In-game experience: A quick response time of 1ms improves the in-game encounter. Regardless of how fast-moving the action is, changes are delivered smoothly with no frustrating results of smearing or blurry.
  2. Viewing Ease and comfort: Acer’s big 24 inch flicker-less monitor gets rid of bothersome screen flicker, and offers an appropriate viewing experience, specifically for some of those monitor customers, such as software engineers, authors, college students or graphic designers.
  3. AMD FreeSync: With the help of AMD FreeSync, the game’s frame rates are dependant on your video card, not the fixed refresh rate of the monitor. What this means is the monitor’s frames are synced with the graphics card’s frames, which gets rid of screen tearing and provides really smooth game playing experiences.

Something You May not Like

  1. Sometime This monitor are not available on Amazon.com

What Current Owners say this 144HZ Monitor

This is a fantastic monitor for the price tag. 144hz, it appears incredible, matte display screen which means you do not need to bother with glare.

Making use of this as my primary gaming monitor at this time and I need to state it is extremely good. I am going to admit it is extremely vibrant out of the box.

Why It is A top Pick

100 % worth every dollar

Best Curved 144hz Monitor Of 2018

MSI Gaming Monitor 27″ Curved non-Glare LED Wide Screen 1920 x 1080P 144Hz monitor Reviews

You will find there’s fresh face in the monitor marketplace and it is owned by MSI, a firm most widely known for its wide-ranging line of motherboards and graphics cards. MSI’s 1st monitor, this Optix G27C, is a 27-inch curved panel having a quick 144Hz refresh rate as well as 1920×1080 resolution.

The Reasons To Buy This 144HZ Monitor

  1. Samsung curved panel: This Optix G27C utilizes a good quality Samsung curved panel to make a true immersive experience whilst playing the newest AAA games.
  2. R1800 Curve Rate: In comparison to a good R4000 or R3000 curve rate, the R1800 is probably the most comfy for the human eye and ideal for the majority of common use situations.
  3. 144hz Refresh Rate: Display screen tearing and jitters are a thing of the past by using a 144hz panel. Detail and smoothness are crucial rewards whilst playing at higher refresh rates.

Something You May not Like

  1. Tiny quantities of backlight bleeding

What Current Owners say this 144HZ Monitor

This monitor features large stunning display screen, beautiful colour with fantastic style that comes with DP.

Large, vivid stunning monitor. Good robust stable stand. Curved display screen is fine whilst game playing. It simply looks and definitely like gaming monitor. 144hz is fantastic and buttery sleek. OSD controls are fine and simple enough to navigate.

Why It is A top Pick

Very awesome curved  144hz gaming monitor under 300 dollars On Amazon.com


Best 1440p 144hz Monitor

ASUS 27-inch 144Hz WQHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor [MG278Q] Reviews

In case you have narrowed your 27-inch gaming monitor options down to Asus’ 2 MG-series monitors, This Asus MG278Q 27-inch QHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor might be a good choice, a stunning-looking 27-inch IPS gaming monitor having FreeSync, 144Hz as well as a premium price you can buy on Amazon.com

The Reasons To Buy This 144HZ Monitor

  1. WQHD 2560 x 1440 resolution: WQHD 2560 x 1440 resolution screen with 1ms response time to get rid of tearing, smearing, and motion blur.
  2. 144Hz refresh rate: 144Hz refresh rate as well as Adaptive-Sync  technology are great for smooth graphics and sleek gameplay
  3. ASUS Eye care technology: A nice feature for less Eye fatigue

Something You May not Like

  1. A costly monitor,around 500 dollars.

What Current Owners say this 144HZ Monitor

The colour precision is remarkable and the graphic is the greatest I have seen when displaying below 4k as well.

This MG278Q is merely wonderful. Originating from an oldtime Asus VW224U (22in, 1680 x 1050, ), I am unable to stop looking at the mouse cursor. Just about every motion is so fluent.

Why It is A top Pick

This is a good 27-inch 144Hz WQHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor with 2560 x 1440 resolusion from Asus

Best Budget144hz Monitors For PS4 And Xbox One

ViewSonic XG2401 24 144Hz 1ms 1080p FreeSync Gaming Monitor  Reviews

ViewSonic is the top producer of a wide range of items like LED displays, large-format screens, touch displays, virtual desktop computers as well as projectors. It’s one of the most recent display producers which have added FreeSync to their range. It’s XG2401 gaming monitor is considered to be one of the greatest FreeSync gaming monitors when it comes to budget and gratification. What follows is a full overview of the ViewSonic XG2401 24 gaming monitor.

The Reasons To Buy This 144HZ Monitor

  1. AMD FreeSync Technology: this monitor comes with AMD FreeSync technology* which effortlessly synchronizes the frame rate output between the video card and monitor.
  2. Ultra-Fast Response Time: By having an ultra-fast 1 ms response time, this monitor provides smooth graphics without having streaking, clouding or ghosting. For just about any and all fast-paced action series, you¡¯ll be happy your monitor reacts as fast as you do.
  3. 144hz Refresh Rate: Having a fast 144Hz refresh rate, this monitor provides improved visual fluidity and amazing graphics regardless of how rapidly the in-game action unfolds

Something You May not Like

  1. The overall performance of built-in audio system isn’t up to the mark.

What Current Owners say this 144HZ Monitor

I was surprised that the quality and the movement this monitor displays while playing games. It’s very fulfilling to view. I strongly suggest this monitor to the people who really like video gaming and wanting at gaming at 60fps

The same screen quality as the AOC G2460PF, far better monitor stand.

Why It is A top Pick

Most likely the best quality 144hz Freesync monitor for the selling price On Amazon.com

Best 24 Inch 144hz Monitor

ASUS  248QE 24 Full HD 1920×1080 144Hz 1ms HDMI Gaming Monitor

Right here is the another good 144HZ monitor to go with if you would like certain expectations, with bit of (fixable) downsides that you have to get worried with. As a Five Stars Monitor recommended again and again on the computer forums, This ASUS VG248QE provides you with the best overall performance for smooth gaming and movie play-back,Coming with a 24 inch screen, Full HD, 144 Hz refresh rate as well as a 1 ms response time.Do Not Miss.

The Reasons To Buy This 144HZ Monitor

  1. Extremely smooth action:This monitor can give you extremely smooth action  by equipped with 144Hz rapid refresh rate and 1ms (GTG) response time.
  2. ASUS GamePlus: This VG248QE monitor includes the unique GamePlus hotkey with crosshair overlay plus timer features. Pick from 4 distinct crosshairs to fit your video gaming environment, and keep a record of spawn and build times using the on-screen timer.
  3. 3D Playback: This VG248QE monitor provides the premier 3D gaming experience

Something You May not Like

  1. It Features an HDMI cable, not the dual link DVI cable.

What Current Owners say this 144HZ Monitor

Outstanding monitor for 144hz gaming via mDP to DP connect. Features all of the features I would like and the selling price is fantastic. The colours are inadequate however I did not purchase this monitor to get a ideal image. Definitely an excellent monitor that I would advise to anybody who really wants to game at 144Hz. It was simple to set up (will rely more on your computer compared to monitor).

Why It is A top Pick

This is most likely one of THE most well-liked gaming monitors at this time, because it has long been recommended again and again on the computer forums.

Best 27 Inch 144hz Monitor Under 300 Dollars

Samsung CFG70 Series 27-Inch 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor (C27FG70) Review

We all know that refresh rate ,light, color ,transition and so on are important for gaming monitor.27-Inch 1ms monitor can meet your demands. Fast 144Hz refresh rate, VA with fast transitions and 1m response time is the obvious advantages the monitor possesses.

The Reasons to Buy This 144Hz Monitor

144HZ Refresh Rate: The view will be larger , clearer and more smooth .You can get away from screen tearing and stuttering. With 1ms response time and LED back-lit display , it will give you a better visual experience.

27-inch 1800R Curvature Monitor and VA panel: With a bigger screen,1800R curvature and super-fast 1ms response time, the images will be clear. And VA with fast transitions avoids pixel’s problem.

Quantum Dot technology: It boost flawless game atmosphere. Gamers can use it comfortably, enjoying the smooth gaming.

Something You May Not Like

Sometimes, the screen will wobble when your table wobbles

What Current Owners Say This 27 inch 144Hz Monitor

With the 27-inch,144Hz monitor, you can enjoy the good screen and excellent speed. You know, the change of color is essential for gaming .  This monitor has a wider variety of more realistic colors. You can adjust brightness and play games in a comfortable position. You can be satisfied to buy it and even want to use it for a long time.

Why It Is A Top Pick:

The improved Gaming mode and Arena lighting enhance gaming usability. The efficiency and smooth are guaranteed by advanced technology. And it has reasonable prices. You know, it’s on discount and much cheaper than any other 27-inch,144Hz monitors.

Best 32 inch 144HZ Curved Monitors Of 2018

MSI Gaming Monitor 32- Inch Curved non-Glare LED Wide Screen 144Hz Monitor Review

It’s hard to combine large screen with high resolution, however this monitor has made it. It is not only with high resolution, but with a fast-running rate—-144hz. This monitor equipped with a 32-inch curved screen, which made the screen more comfortable to watch.

The Reasons to Buy This 144Hz Monitor

Large Screen: This game monitor equipped a 32-inch screen, so users can change it into a television from a game monitor. With a large screen, users can enjoy movies on this monitor.

DUAL HDMI: This is a fantastic data transmission with high resolution. Equipped with this technique, users don’t worry about the quality of the pictures or videos after transmission because this monitor can keep the quality of pictures or videos unchanged.

2560*1440 Display: With 2560*1440 display, this monitor can provide a much more clearer picture than those lower displays.

Something You May Not Like

Because it is equipped with a 2560*1440 display, you have to keep the Display Port or add a digital video interface(DVI) to insure the speed of data transmission.

What Current Owners Say This 144Hz Monitor

It is such an excellent gaming monitor that I can say nothing bad to it. The fluency shows that it is not only a data transmission medium but a high-quality and fast data receiver. Moreover, the curved screen makes it more convenient for me to watch videos and play games because I can see the screen clearly from both its straight front and the sides in front of it.

Why It Is A Top Pick

DUAL HDMI, non-Glare LED Wide Screen, 2560*1440 display and good appearance are the factors that make MSI gaming monitor a tip pick.

Best 34 Inch UltraWide 144hz Monitors Of 2018

LG 34UC79G-B 34-Inch Curved UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate Review

It’s a curved gaming video player configured with the LG 34uc79g Ultra wide 21:9. The elegant curve of the screen brings game player with splendid experience. Possessing the perfect design with gaming features like free sync, 1ms motion blur reduction and 144Hz refresh rate, it will assist you to pass every game level easily

The Reasons To Buy This Gaming Monitor

AMD Free Sync: With the help of Free Sync, gamers can enjoy perfect, smooth movement in the process of fast and fierce gaming pace.

1ms Motion Blur Reduction: This feature will realize that gamers enjoy the needed exactitude when it comes to a senior rank.

144Hz Refresh Rate with IPS: The movements of the game roles on the curved monitor are obviously faster. The smooth action will get the gamers’ praises about the impressive nearly virtual gaming experience.

Something You May Not Like

It can’t get things higher than 60 fps. The screen may seems a little dark, but it’s actually dimmed

What Current Owners Say This 34 Inch UltraWide 144hz Monitors

The cost performance of this monitor is perfect. The movement is so fluent and smooth and the gaming mood is totally inspired. This is an excellent gaming monitor with few faults. Knowing it from my friends, I decided to have one either. It never made me disappointed. The design of the curved monitor is great

Why It Is A Top Pick

Because of high speed, smooth movement, and vividly image, you have fantastic experience.